Spark of Preciousness 

There lies beauty in your calmness

That soothes all my pains and grimness

All your subtlety pleases my soul 

And dig me deep and seep in profoundness 

Every beholder lost their self

Once you let shine your soberness 

No you’re not being praised for nothing

You have in you a spark of preciousness 

Tragedy of Romance

Tragedy of Romance

She says she loves me…

when I was complaining about migraine

She assured me of her love.

Looking straight into my eyes,

Reading what lies behind,

Resonating with my heartbeat

She showered her love onto me

With brisk blinks of her eyes.

She says she loves me…

But that was last summer.

This summer she’s overwhelmed with all the things but me

This monsoon she enjoys torrents of rain

In winter she found her love for snowy plains and hills

And spring brought for her delicate touch of flowers

She yearned for sounds of gushing waters in the mornings

Hazy horizon and drowning sun in the evenings

She loves the sights for the ease of her eyes

But she forgot me somewhere in her love for the sights

And I’m sitting at a bank of river

Complaining about migraine

And this year,

She’s busy loving herself,

But she says she loves me…


Success: How Bad Do You Want it?

Everyone does take a birth. Everyone does get a number of days to live called life. Everyone does get a chance to influence others someday somewhere in lifetime. But Success? No, not everyone is so blessed with this phenomenon. Success, everyone pursues. success everyone dreams. Success, everyone craves for. Success, who else would not want it so bad. Everyone does want to be successful, right? I am 100% sure that you do. You want to be a successful individual, professional, a successful businessman, artist or a teacher. You want it so bad that it often keep you awake. Ain’t it true? It is, right?

Why you are not successful up till now? Have you ever wondered? You might have probably reflected back on your course of life and have had blends of success every now and then…fluctuating to and fro. Some of you might have introduced drastic changes in your way of life to achieve your goals and it might have worked at some point of time for you. But why is that you couldn’t get along lasting success. Have you ever endeavored to cast an observing eye on the lives of successful people around you. They (successful people) don’t live life like yours. They certainly don’t have same priorities as yours. Their comprehension of the outer and inner world is not same as yours. Certainly, there are factors, that are beyond our control, that affect our lives differently as compared to others. But then, there are features that are in total control of ours and we can decide if we want to characterize our life in that way. The ingredients of success are there, it is only recipe that is different for different people. Some of these ingredients are worth sharing with you.

Time is valued by all the great people. The lives of successful people tells us a story of their dedication to utilize time efficiently and effectively. They manage their time according to their schedule and divide it on tasks at hand. They have a proper schedule of doing things exactly at time. They do not overwhelm with activities at one time and enjoy total leisure at other time. That being said, it doesn’t mean that they do not spare time for their family and most importantly for themselves. Of course, they do save time to relax, refresh and reinvigorate themselves.

Managing your time for a certain day is not enough. Working efficiently for few days is not what we are talking about. Consistency is what is required to stand out in a crowd of success hungry people. Consistency in skills and strategies being employed by you to work diligently paves a way to success. Success is not a consequence of a day’s work. You need to pull on as long as you achieve your goals in a sustainable manner. When you hit iron consistently, you can modify it any desirable shape. Opportunities will come along your ways when you, being goal oriented, work hard on regular basis.

Well, utilizing valuable time and working hard consistently are not the only ingredients of your success recipe. A strong team of individuals with expertise in particular skills can add to your strength. If you are resolved to have a solo flight then forget about reaching at your destination. Your journey is, obviously, supported by people who work around you. Successful people always groom a group of individuals that can be called as team. Team-building is one of the essentials of success as you do not only focus on moving forward but also send positive vibes horizontally. People around you need continuous inspiration to remain motivated and encouraged towards achieving goals. Collaboration helps you compensate for your weaknesses and strengthens you. Sometimes a problem we are stuck at can be resolved by the joint wisdom of the team.

Multiple skills and abilities join hands to bridge you to success. Some of these skills have been discussed above. Other, just to mention here, are critical thinking, strong communication skills with cross cultural knowledge, impressive personal presentation, ability to perceive challenges as opportunities and many other. But at the end of the day, what is success for you is what you have to decide for yourself because the notion of success is very relative and depends on your world view. What (skill/ability) is in you that make you stand out of the crowd? Ponder for a while and comment to let everybody know.

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Let’s Dance n Dance

The moment long awaited has come

To a man, who desired with passion

Each step thou put, tremble

the desolated heart that crumble

The heart that crumbled in desire

Meet thou, and awake in rejoice

Thou come to me by attempt or chance

here comes a voice, let’s dance and dance

A Bitter Fact

Neither the leader’s flight was in the sky nor there were any huge convoys of cars for his protocol. The total convoy of the governor west Pakistan consisted of only three vehicles; the governor’s car with a police van and a hooter ahead, traveling from Murree to Lahore. He had to reach Lahore as soon as possible for Lahore was attacked. The Lahoris were rushing out of the city but in that grave situation the governor ordered that those, who were leaving Lahore just because the enemy had attacked, would have one way ticket only. If the governor of Pakistan himself is present in the city then every Lahori is supposed to be in the city.

Soon after this order the sky had witnessed unbelievable sights; jets were combating in the air while citizens of Lahore were bucking up their pilots from the roofs of their houses as it was not a war but kiting contest. Lahoris were running towards BRB with food for soldiers might not feel hunger. Poets were writing immortal lines and Radio Pakistan was working untiringly to compose tunes for those lines. This was not just only the case with Lahore city but the whole Pakistan was taken by a strange enthusiasm to defeat the enemy. That was the birth of New Pakistan. The president was roaring from Islamabad to teach a lesson to India for attacking Pakistan.

Today while sitting here and recalling that event, realized the reason of graceful survival of the nation in 1965’s war. The constitutional head of the state was not on the foreign visits. The governor was not enchanted by the natural beauty in Murree hills. Rather they directed their potentials for national integrity. They put hold on their impulses. They conceived the fact that it was the time to prove themselves as the strong nation and they did that. They were successful in their struggles. The world then had to believe that Pakistan is  not only a strong and lively nation on earth but also a significant one.

The question, why I am recalling all these memories?, has only one grave purpose behind it. All the government stake holders have to revise their policies and they have to keep national integrity at the top of their priority lists. Their survival depends not on foreign aid but on the survival of Pakistan. Today Pakistan is confronted to same situation where a number of threats are challenging us. We have domestic resources as well as potential to work out our strategy and face these challenges like any brave nation.

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Things I do and things I don’t,

are things I do for you.

Truths and Lies of this world

Make me often feel so blue.

But when I feel beaten hard

I raise my eyes and look at you.

That one casting, that one look

Gives me strength, whole life through

I remember years ago….

You held me gently by my hand

Made me stumble and walk by you.

Oh Truth! I walked since

She asked me to walk by you.

Oh paths of life trodden by me!

No matter how haunted were you.

Amidst the darkness when I fell

I stood faster because of you.

Life is a ship taken by storm

But I’ve been a skillful crew.

I know nothing, I know not

What life is, what it is not.

**Danish Farid Khan**