She says she loves me…

when I was complaining about migraine

She assured me of her love.

Looking straight into my eyes,

Reading what lies behind,

Resonating with my heartbeat

She showered her love onto me

With brisk blinks of her eyes.

She says she loves me…

But that was last summer.

This summer she’s overwhelmed with all the things but me

This monsoon she enjoys torrents of rain

In winter she found her love for snowy plains and hills

And spring brought for her delicate touch of flowers

She yearned for sounds of gushing waters in the mornings

Hazy horizon and drowning sun in the evenings

She loves the sights for the ease of her eyes

But she forgot me somewhere in her love for the sights

And I’m sitting at a bank of river

Complaining about migraine

And this year,

She’s busy loving herself,

But she says she loves me…


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