Neither the leader’s flight was in the sky nor there were any huge convoys of cars for his protocol. The total convoy of the governor west Pakistan consisted of only three vehicles; the governor’s car with a police van and a hooter ahead, traveling from Murree to Lahore. He had to reach Lahore as soon as possible for Lahore was attacked. The Lahoris were rushing out of the city but in that grave situation the governor ordered that those, who were leaving Lahore just because the enemy had attacked, would have one way ticket only. If the governor of Pakistan himself is present in the city then every Lahori is supposed to be in the city.

Soon after this order the sky had witnessed unbelievable sights; jets were combating in the air while citizens of Lahore were bucking up their pilots from the roofs of their houses as it was not a war but kiting contest. Lahoris were running towards BRB with food for soldiers might not feel hunger. Poets were writing immortal lines and Radio Pakistan was working untiringly to compose tunes for those lines. This was not just only the case with Lahore city but the whole Pakistan was taken by a strange enthusiasm to defeat the enemy. That was the birth of New Pakistan. The president was roaring from Islamabad to teach a lesson to India for attacking Pakistan.

Today while sitting here and recalling that event, realized the reason of graceful survival of the nation in 1965’s war. The constitutional head of the state was not on the foreign visits. The governor was not enchanted by the natural beauty in Murree hills. Rather they directed their potentials for national integrity. They put hold on their impulses. They conceived the fact that it was the time to prove themselves as the strong nation and they did that. They were successful in their struggles. The world then had to believe that Pakistan isĀ  not only a strong and lively nation on earth but also a significant one.

The question, why I am recalling all these memories?, has only one grave purpose behind it. All the government stake holders have to revise their policies and they have to keep national integrity at the top of their priority lists. Their survival depends not on foreign aid but on the survival of Pakistan. Today Pakistan is confronted to same situation where a number of threats are challenging us. We have domestic resources as well as potential to work out our strategy and face these challenges like any brave nation.

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